Head, end of the table open to interpretation

We men have heard much about the “Man of the House” and the priorities that come with that description. While we tend to revel in that title we need to look around a bit and take a more serious look what that really means.
In our case, the “Man of the House” could be described as a misconception or what my Betterhalf would term a great “snow-job” on her male spouse.
After many years of marriage, I totaled up my dominance throughout the marriage years only to discover my much believed dominance has finished second. Bluntly, “second” is interpreted as the same as “last.” The best example for my reasoning comes from the recollections of my sitting at the head of the dining room table at meal times with family members or guests. The Betterhalf always sat at the other end of the table. I have become aware the “head of the table” and the “end of the table” is a matter of interpretation.
The “head” can just as well be interpreted as the “end.” In review I have found that my “head seating” carries little weight. The Betterhalf has determined the “head of the table” would logically belong to the head cook or who prepared the meal. Thus all these years I have not been at the head of a table, but seated at the lowly end of the table.
Added to this humbling realization is the fact we have a round table in the kitchen where the two of us eat the majority of our meals. That round table cements the reality I will never reach the status of being at the head of the table in our household.
Of course it’s not difficult for the Betterhalf to flaunt her status in our home. I must admit she can humble me even more by pointing out that she is the only one under our roof who can run at ease the washer, dryer, dishwasher, robotic vacuum, TV remote, and internet as well as do the home finances.
However, I still specialize in putting the garbage can and recycling curbside. Maybe there’s still a chance to improve my status in our household?
I am reminded of this caution: “They say the man is the head of the house and the pedestrian has the right of way, and everything goes well until they try to prove it.”
RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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