Winter is still here, but spring is around the corner

Hooray! It’s Feb. 28 and that means another “winter month” has passed and spring is just around the corner. We’re well-aware of those March snow storms, but at least the snow will melt a little quicker in March than in December.
We’ve heard much about driverless cars. At one time there was research on a car going faster than the speed of light. There’s a report of a land record holder who had achieved around 800 mph. That’s still a long way to go because the speed of light is 7,680,000 mph.
One speed of light hopeful still is optimistic. With a speed of light vehicle he could sleep late and still get to work by 8 a.m. And traffic enforcement would be limited to police with PhD’s in quantum physics.
Recently we assisted the Nebraska School Activities Association at the state wrestling tournament by helping verifying credentials to allow photographers to be on the arena floor during meet matches.
One of the guidelines required that no photographer could wear garb with a school logo. This year the requirement was challenged, but not by a photographer’s garb. The photographer was sporting a purple hairdo. Fortunately for her, she had gone “modern” with purple hair and her hair color had no relationship to the school colors, but to her having her hair be coordinated to the clothing she was wearing.
Who said enforcement codes got easier throughout the years?
We’ve noticed over the years consumers have become more astute shoppers. Now at the aisles of the grocery store we witness shoppers reading the labels noting the ingredients in products they are considering to purchase. “Made in America,” while not an ingredient, seems to be an important part of that info.
That “made in America” wordage seem to be important to one honey manufacturer and for the Betterhalf. On our kitchen table is a jar of honey with the label, “Raw and Unfiltered Honey made by AMERICAN BEES.”
Here’s a reminder for those who dread wrinkles.
“Wrinkles are only the bypaths of many smiles and some tears; gray hair is the silver dust of the stars; and growing gracefully slower of step is walking nearer to God.”
RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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