Valentine’s Day made simple with a shopping trip offer

As I searched for subject matter for a column this week, it suddenly dawned on me that Valentine’s Day has arrived. After 58 years of marriage and marriage experience I still haven’t got the courage on Valentine’s Day to just give a good morning kiss; present a nice card; and then follow with suggestion of going out to eat later in the day.
I do, however, soften my routine by adding the words, “Would you rather go out to eat, or would you rather go shopping?” It doesn’t take long for her choice between me or shopping.
The Betterhalf replied, “I can see you every day!”
Although her shopping result may not occur until late spring, summer, or when we journey to see our families in the metro areas, the end result is we are both happy with her decision making. She picks what she wants and I don’t spend a bunch of time trying to find a Valentine gift that may be something she did not care for or having to accompany her on such trips.
So, here in 2018, it’s again to my Betterhalf I say, “Happy Valentine’s Day and XXXX . . . and $$$.”
It’s pretty evident interest in Nebraska football is not going to wait until this fall to peak. The annual spring game was sold out in just short of a two-day span. It has been reported the $10 spring game tickets are now being resold for prices varying from $40 to nearly $500. Who said the pocketbooks of investors are feeling the swoon of a sinking stock market?
Apparently many Husker fans are not viewing the game as just a spring practice game, but more as the “Husker’s season opener.”
After shoveling the driveway after one- to two-inch snowfalls three times in one week, we wonder why we couldn’t have had those snowfalls delivered in just one five-inch snowfall instead.
 One journalist was criticized for his opinion of an individual. He answered his critic by saying, “I didn’t write everything I thought -- I just came as close to it as I dared!”
Rumor has it a prankster threw an antique store into panic by walking in and calmly asking, “What’s new?”
RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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