Eating more veggies turns out trendy after all

A close friend of mine has over the years ridiculed me for my love of a heavy diet of vegetables at meal times. He kept pointing out that “green stuff ...” has no benefits despite my proclaiming what I believe were numerous health benefits such as eating all I want with minimum weight gain; no ulcers causing a sore tummy; lower cholesterol; and of course that old age concern of  “regularity.”
Recently I jumped on a study that showed a daily diet of vegetables makes your mind 11 years younger. Immediately I telephoned him after scanning the result of the study in a recent newspaper.
I asked, “What do you think about this study showing my brain is 11 years younger than my body because I’ve been eating all that green stuff?”
He immediately gave me a cynical reply after he had just finished a plate of green beans, squash, potatoes and fish. He concluded, “If that doesn’t bring an upchuck before the night is over I’ll be amazed.” (His comment was edited before publication).
I explained he better get accustomed to more vegetables in his diet because the national trend is leaning to more veggies in meals and this vegan trend is like politicians – “They’re going to be around for a long time.”
Now, I don’t want you to think I am one of those “vegans.”  I am well aware I live in beef country. I am also reminded my Betterhalf grew up on the farm and raised and showed beef cattle. I am also aware that nothing -- including vegetables -- will ever take the place of good steak or a grilled hamburger in our household. However, vegetables on my dinner plate can certainly substitute for fried potatoes.
Just this week my stomach churned a little when I questioned a statement that proclaimed a “beef” made from peas had the potential to replace the honest-to-goodness beef steak. No way! That replacement of a pea-steak will never happen.
However, I am still faced with another problem. I am going to find it necessary to prove I am 11 years smarter than my actual age. The Betterhalf has already informed me that will never happen.
Here’s an observation: A man can get pearls from an oyster, but a woman can get diamonds from a nut.
RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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