Nebraska has dodged recent weather bullets, thankfully

If you lived in the United States, natural disasters pretty-well filled news headlines for the last few months of 2017 and indicate that the early part of 2018 those headlines will continue. Hurricanes, floods, wildfires, earthquakes, mudslides, heavy snowfall and other challenges from Old Mother Nature have spread havoc on the East and West coasts, as well as Texas and some of the Eastern Great Lake areas. During all these eventual times Nebraska and our Midwest neighboring states have dodged the weather bullets.
Facing the weather prediction of strong wind, snow and blizzard conditions for past week seemed minor to us who live in Nebraska. Hopefully, we continue to sidestep the wrath that other states have suffered, which brings us to our point.
I want to think that cold weather and snows in the winter along with an occasional summertime tornado threat make living here in Nebraska a pretty good place to be. Then add the friendly attitude of our local residents and there’s no doubt we have been fortunate in the past and hopefully will be in the future.
The I-80 that passes adjacent to Aurora brings some interesting situations -- both good and bad. A few weeks ago we experienced one of those situations that drew a smile.
A weary outstate driver came off the interstate in a SUV packed with luggage and kids. The heavy-laden vehicle then journeyed into Aurora where it pulled up to a convenience store. Mom and the kids disembarked and headed to the store’s restrooms.
Meanwhile the driver went to the back of the SUV, opened the hatch, and took out a grocery sack. He and his sack entered the store where he advanced to a microwave oven on a counter in the food area. He opened the sack and placed its food contents in the microwave. After heating the foods he put them back in the sack. He and his family then left the store, got in their car, and headed down the road.
I guess you could say, “It’s just another free service when stopping in Aurora.”  However, it might have been nice if he would at least said, “Thank you!”
 It’s been noted, “Instead of bewailing the fact we can’t have everything we want, many of us should be thankful we don’t get what we deserve.”
RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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