National title game timeline

 How many of you stayed up late to watch the college football championship game Monday night? I imagine quite of few of you did.
How boring was that?
For some reason, I couldn’t get too excited about the Alabama-Georgia matchup before kickoff. Maybe because I just wanted to get this 2017 season over, given the Huskers’ season?
But the game wouldn’t go quietly. During the day on Monday, CNN had a link to the game, an “everything you need to know” segment, one of the questions was, “Do they even play football in the north?”
CNN’s answer was, “It’s hard to say.”
And what about the almost nauseous ESPN pre-game coverage that started around noon. How can the network do that? It’s just a football game!
As of Monday afternoon, tickets were still available online, ranging from $1,446 for two, up to $5,266 per seat. Or there was that posh suite that went for $87,300. Per ticket. Good luck on that.
Anyway, with good intentions not to watch a lot of it, turned out I watched all of it. And with ESPN’s eight different network options, it gave viewers plenty of choices to enjoy one final game.
6:41 pm: On ESPN2, Joe Tessitore and former Tide great Landon Collins follow (and almost interrupt) Alabama’s pre-game warmups, following their strength coach around as he pounds on linemens’ chests. Tessitore acted like it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Seriously?
7:06 pm: ESPNEWS, OSU coach Mike Gundy looks like he’s asleep and needs a nap.
7:08 pm: President Trump enters the field for the National Anthem. Didn’t see that one coming.
7:21 pm: First play of the game. Alabama defense is pumped.
7:29 pm: Missed Tide field goal. Time to keep Cindy happy and flip over to The Bachelor on ABC. Oh boy, here comes the kissing and the crying.
8:01 pm: Finally someone scores. Defense wins championships, right?
8:12 pm: Flipped back over to the coaches network. Gundy awake but not talking.
8:19 pm.: Tessitore on the field says roof is leaking. Yes, the $1.6 billion dome leaks.
8:28 pm: Husker coach Scott Frost on the field for a quick interview. He looks good wearing the Husker ‘N’.
8:49 pm: ESPN graphic pops up stating if Georgia wins, 39 percent of their yards this season would come via the pass. Would be the lowest since Nebraska’s 24 percent in 1997.
8:49 pm: Georgia goes up 13-0 with seven seconds remaining in the half. Saban upset. Saban getting outcoached.
9:35 pm: Alabama true freshman backup quarterback Tua Tagovailoa starts the second half and throws a touchdown pass. Game on. Unreal.
10:43 pm: Tua throws a 7-yard strike to tie it at 20. I smell overtime. Replay looks like the ball actually was intended for a different receiver.
10:59 pm: Nearly midnight in Atlanta, Georgia (Cinderella) still breathing after a 36 yard field goal shank. OT baby!
11:09 pm: The confetti flies again for Alabama. Yuck. Tua looks off the safety and throws a perfect spiral, a 41-yard game winner. I guess this dude is the real deal.
11:21 pm: Still lots of tears and kisses as the Tide celebrate. Speaking of which, I wonder how The Bachelor turned out?
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