Christmas ornaments reflect life’s blessings

There are two things I don’t like about the Christmas season. Number one is lugging the box with the artificial Christmas tree up from the basement. Number two is toting the artificial Christmas tree back to the basement when in our house that duty means the season is officially over.
The task of decorating our tree is left to the Betterhalf. My work entails making sure the tree stands straight and re-adjusting some artificial branches to fill a few vacant spaces in the tree.
However, my favorite part of Christmas is taking a moment to look at the hanging Christmas ornaments that are highlighted by the strings of colored lights. In that Christmas glow, lots of memories spring particularly from those ornaments that represent several generations of previous Christmas celebrations.
Ornaments that once dangled from our parents’ and grandparents’ tree now hang from our own tree branches. There are those decorations hand-made by our family members and our friends. Other ornaments are representative of sites we visited when on vacation trips. Oh yes, we can’t forget the Betterhalf’s Husker bulbs and good old Herbie Husker. An angel, knitted by a friend, sits atop our tree stirring strongest of memories and overlooking the beauty of the season.
Many people can find memories of Christmas pasts as depressing. Loved ones have died; friends have passed on; and other unpleasant thoughts can surface.
To us, those ornaments reflect the blessings we’ve had throughout our lives. We are fortunate for our past family members and their guidance. We are the benefactors of many years of friendships, both past and present. Life has been good to us.
How do we know? Our Christmas ornaments tell us so.
A daughter whose father had a heart procedure got a text message from her mother after the procedure was over saying, “Your father came through the procedure and is feeling frisky.”
The daughter was in the middle of a computer conference with 50 executives at the same time and mom’s message came across all their screens.
The daughter immediately called her mother and said, “I am in a meeting so please don’t communicate with me for the next two hours unless he’s dying!”
Naturally the daughter was embarrassed. But everyone else, including the parents, got a laugh out of the situation .
The Betterhalf and I extend to all, “A Happy New Year!”
RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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