Frost hiring means Christmas came early to Husker Nation

Though there wasn’t much surprise in the air by the time Scott Frost was introduced last week as the new face of Nebraska football, there was certainly joy. Big Red fans couldn’t have asked for a better present, one that will hopefully bring smiles, satisfaction and a renewed sense of unity for years to come.
In a state where Husker football has long been celebrated as part of our culture, both on and off the field, Frost’s hiring felt like one of those moments that belongs on the all-time Big Red highlight reel. It’s as though he was flipping a switch, in real time, instantly putting a once proud program back in the national spotlight.
The Huskers will ALWAYS be my team, our team, win lose or draw, but I have to admit I didn’t plan too many Saturdays around a football game this fall, assuming it would be too frustrating to watch our guys get outplayed, outcoached and outright manhandled yet again. Too many Husker faithful, including donors, were starting to feel the same way.
And then, like a perfect storm, the stars aligned to pave a delicate path from Orlando to Lincoln, allowing Frost to leave a place he loved for a chance to come home. As painful as this 4-8 season was to endure, it made decisions far more simple for NU’s leadership to act, sooner than later. The icing on the cake, Husker Nation later learned, was that the legendary Tom Osborne helped seal this deal, bridging the past to the future in a way that only he could.
As for the new Husker mentor, what’s not to like. Scott Frost brings a stellar football pedigree to Lincoln, having played and worked for some of the game’s all-time greats. He obviously learned well, and shows a sense of confidence, poise and incredible football savvy that clearly made him THE best hire possible.
Watching Frost interact and celebrate with his Central Florida team was must-see TV. He also played a delicate transition hand masterfully, showing by example what it looks like to do things the right way. Knowing that’s what fans and players can expect now at Nebraska translates to more than wins and losses. It can be a source of pride, tradition and unity once again.
Christmas came early to Husker Nation.
Kurt Johnson

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