Sunshine always coming sooner than you think

While uptown recently I entered a business and was asked, “How is your day going?” I paused and then rattled off my happenings for the day.
First I was told the automatic garage door opener wasn’t working and couldn’t be fixed for several days. The opener needed a new circuit board and the repairman didn’t have one with him and may have to order one.
Second episode came when the Betterhalf reported her automatic dishwasher had a broken tray bracket and the manufacturer does not make that model anymore.
The third episode concerned the new draperies that were discussed in a previous column. I had mentioned the Betterhalf replacing our many years old draperies in the living room. The drapery hanger and assistant returned to hang drapes and had parked their truck in our driveway. The wife needed our car that was in the garage. As a good husband I raised the garage door manually and backed the car carefully skirting the drapery truck. A sudden crack and shout from the Betterhalf reminded me we had an elevated automatic lawn sprinkler head adjacent to the drive. Next spring will require a replacement.
The final episode came later when the Betterhalf decided to do her Christmas household decorating early. That meant lugging the artificial tree and numerous boxes of decorations upstairs. I pointed out it will really be an interesting Thursday as we sit at the dinner table and enjoy our Thanksgiving feast looking at a Christmas tree.
   After I had recited the above episodes, my store listener said, “You had quite a day!” That’s when I laughed and told her it could have been worse.
The garage door repairman showed up early next day with the needed circuit board and the door was repaired sooner than I expected.
The automatic dishwasher I repaired with a farmer’s old standby – baling wire and pliers.
The Betterhalf who was offended when I criticized her new drapery purchased softened when I admitted we really did need new drapes.
After I helped bring up the Christmas tree from the basement she didn’t ask me to help decorate.
And the Betterhalf promised to not turn on the Christmas tree lights until late Thanksgiving evening.
Now here’s the lesson I learned from this tale:
“It’s a matter how you look at your situation. Life can be good and there’ll be some sunshine out there sooner than you think.”
RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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