Halloween filled with treats, no tricks

Well, I’m a day late. Because I try to write a column a week early, Halloween snuck up on me. It’s not that you missed on something spectacular. But there were few of my Halloween memories that got jogged my memory. This year’s Halloween varied somewhat of Halloween’s past.
The cast for this year’s Halloween reflected some world and national situations that should be classified under the heading of a “National Halloween” and something that took away some of the luster of a genuine local Halloween and the antics of spooks and goblins. The Halloween of 2017 maybe should have been tabbed more of a “National – International Disaster” rather than fun-filled Halloween of our nation.
Let’s look at the year 2017. We may have one of the scariest situations on the international levels regarding the cooperation and differing opinions among U.S. allies. Then throw in the antics of North Korea, Russia and Cuba and you can sense an uneasiness of the future. Added to the negative or scary thoughts we must add nuclear concerns; international intervention in our political election campaigns; national morality; and the list goes on and on.
Hey, wait a minute! So what’s new? There’s always a few crisis’ every year, so let’s get back to our Halloween experiences of handing out candy and cheerfully welcoming those little ghosts and goblins at our front door.
The Betterhalf has stood steadfast in not putting in a supply of Halloween treats until a few days before Halloween. (No fat sweet temptations adding to our waistband.) There was no two-story Star Wars vehicle display in our front yard like the one that appeared in early October in Parma, Ohio. The Betterhalf and I just settled for our old straw-filled scarecrow on the front porch with a couple of colorful gourds . . . and our barking dog “Missy” greeting and protecting us from our candy-seeking Halloweeners who had no tricks, but lost little demand for the sweets.
Another great Halloween and one that brought us a lot of smiles erased for the night many world problems.
A fella said the other day, “It’s getting so a man can’t have a little snakebite remedy around the house anymore . . . every time I bring in a bottle the lady of the house grabs it and hides it.”
His friend listened and replied: “Well, my wife’s the same way. But, no matter where she hides my liquor, I can always find it. You see, I have a fifth sense.”
RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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