Nebraska by Heart pieces find appropriate home in Aurora

Aurora has heart.
Two giant fiberglass hearts, actually, simultaneously reflecting the community’s artistic flare and pieces linked to the state’s sesquicentennial celebration.
Thanks to the imagination and quick thinking of Aurora’s Tammy Morris, an effort to participate in the Nebraska by Heart auction caught fire just in the nick of time.
As reported in this week’s edition, Morris floated the idea of raising funds to purchase one of the unique art pieces to the Aurora Rotary Club, then expanded the reach to local foundations. This community has a long, proud history of getting behind good ideas, so it’s not surprising that Morris had $5,000 in her bidding budget in a very short time. As it turns out, that was enough to buy two heart-shaped pieces, which was an added bonus.
The more you think about it, these additions are just so incredibly appropriate for Aurora. This community has more than its fair share of artists and creative thinkers, who share their talents in a variety of ways with the Art Walk and other local events. In terms of public art displays, however, Aurora’s canvass was blank. Quite suddenly, we now have creative conversation pieces on public display for all to ponder, talk about and enjoy.
Located at the Rotary Park on the downtown square and in front of the Alice Farr Library along a busy Highway 14, the hearts are extremely visible and will no doubt stir conversation for years. It’s fun to envision people of all ages examining the two hearts up close and personal, circling them, forming their own impressions, pausing if only briefly to tap into their own creative realm. Artwork invites that kind of subjective critiquing, which is a creative process in and of itself.
Our state has been celebrating its 150th birthday all year long with this unique art project serving as one of many candles on the cake. As the saying goes, Aurorans have been able to help eat the state’s 150th birthday cake and now get to keep a couple colorful pieces, too. How cool is that.
Here’s a tip of the hat to Tammy Morris, generous Rotarians and foundation board members for tapping into Aurora’s heart and artistic flare!
Kurt Johnson

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