Ridding head lice was different back in the day

Times have certainly changed and a recent newspaper story emphasized the point. The article reported that after the first week of school a teacher noticed her itchy scalp and soon discovered she had head lice.
Now someone with head lice was not the root of the story. The treatment of the problem was. To the tune of approximately $225 she had the ailment professionally treated and cured returning back to work within a day or two. It was reported that within an hour she was ridded of louse-y problem using a hot air hair vacuum-dryer similar to a claw-end blow dryer that kills by dehydration head lice and their eggs. Then an oil-based serum was applied to head and scalp to suffocate any remaining debris.
The story of nit-picking head lice got my attention because when I was a second grader I recall one of my classmates came to school with a brown paper grocery sack taped to the top of his head. We were told at the time he had head lice. He attended class for about a week and the desks around him were kept empty during that time. No one seemed alarmed about our paper-sacked classmate and after a week he must have been cured because I don’t recall anyone else in the school donning a bag over their head or my scalp beginning to itch.
 Now over 3-1/2 decades later I wonder what the cure for head lice was back in 1947.
While on the subject of school a proud parent on meeting a new first grade teacher spoke out: “I am very happy to know you, Miss Smith. I am the father of the twins you are going to have next September.”
I made an observation recently while preparing my breakfast oatmeal. As the Betterhalf entered the kitchen I proudly said to her, “You know lots of people eat oatmeal.” Thinking she would be impressed with my making my own breakfast and knowledgeable observation, she shot me down when  she replied, “Yeah, they’re all old people.”
A tomcat looked at a pretty female cat and purred: “I’d die for you, you beautiful thing!”
She leaned closer and looked into his eyes: “How many times?”
RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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