‘Misplaced’ should be replaced with the word ‘lost’

With more frequency it seems I misplace items. Ah shucks . . . let’s quit using the word “misplaced” and just admit, “I lost  it!”
It’s been nearly six weeks since a key ring with several keys on it has been lost. Oh, how I wanted to use the word “misplaced” instead of “lost” because the key ring belonged to the Betterhalf. It is frustrating enough to admit the loss, but it’s doubly humbling when you must fess up to a miscue when you have no one to blame except yourself.
Before the confession to my Betterhalf I spent over a month searching for the key ring. The place where I thought I might have left the ring was searched without success. The interiors of two automobiles were checked from floors to gloveboxes. Even the street and driveway where the cars had been parked was scanned. Our household was turned upside down from my basement office to the upstairs kitchen cabinet that originally housed the key ring was scrutinized. Even after taking a break for a week, a second thorough search yielded nothing.
It has come time for me to come clean; be humble; and publicly ask for help. I have decided to place a classified advertisement in the “Lost and Found column” of the Aurora News-Register. The advertisement will say, “Lost: Key ring bearing the word ‘Nancy’ on it.  Phone 402-694-2432.”
There -- I did it! I must make it perfectly clear that Betterhalf Nancy did not lose the keys although her name was prominently displayed on the handle of the ring. As a double precaution, in the advertisement I listed the land-line phone number and not the Betterhalf’s cell phone number.
It was reported that a longtime Irish scrub woman held a winning ticket in a sweepstakes and collected a million dollars.
“No, I’m not going to quit my job,” she told news and TV reporters. “But now, Heaven help anybody that gets in the way of my mop!”
Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth.
RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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