Weekend full of questions

After a busy and hectic 24-plus hours of Husker sports over the weekend, I came away with more questions than I know what to do with.
After the Husker volleyball team got done sweeping Saint Mary’s Saturday afternoon, Cindy and I endured the heat and humidity in Lincoln and made it through the football game, too, although we weren’t sure if it was ever going to end.
My football questions have to start with the defense. Why did the Blackshirts make it look so easy on Arkansas State’s first possession when the Red Wolves were forced into a quick three and out? It seemed like after that we didn’t have a clue how to stop their horizontal passing game.
Why couldn’t the Huskers get more of a pass rush, and why didn’t new defensive coordinator Bob Diaco blitz more? This wasn’t Wisconsin’s offensive line, so it’s concerning.
Why did JD Spielman look so fast on that kickoff return? Because he is.
Why did Tanner Lee look great on some plays, putting the ball on the money, and then not so great on others, throwing into double and sometimes triple coverage? Because he hasn’t played in a true game in two years, because some of his receivers are new and because some of his receivers couldn’t get separation.
Why did Tre Bryant receive most of the carries on that little counter play? Doesn’t Nebraska have other running plays, or were they holding back for Oregon?
Why are those new replay boards so bright, sharp and colorful? Technology and resolution. Talk about an upgrade. I love ‘em.
Why were the five planes that flew over the stadium following the National Anthem a few seconds late? Couldn’t they speed up?
Why couldn’t I have my camera to take a photo of that gorgeous, nearly full moon rising over the upper east balcony? It was a beautiful site.
How much fun did Todd Honas and Austin Allen have when they got to experience their very first Tunnel Walk? Unfortunately, both are banned from talking to the media until they get into a game, so we’ll put that one on hold.
Why did the university have to raise the price of one slice of Valentino’s pizza from $4 to $5? Seriously?
How high is that top row in the upper east balcony? It’s unclear but rumor has it that fans donned hoodies, jackets and gloves while the rest of us were sweating it out.
How hard can Mikaela Foecke and Briana Holman hit a volleyball? I don’t know and I don’t ever want to find out.
How did Creighton suddenly become a volleyball powerhouse? Is it simply good coaching?
And finally, did running into Mike Riley just outside Memorial Stadium Saturday morning, wishing him the best of luck later that day, have anything to do with the Huskers’ ability to hang on at the end? Maybe. No, make that definitely. I’ll take full responsibility for that one.
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