Times have changed, focus shifted to negative

It’s a time when we must laugh at ourselves and believe me, we need some happy moments. Those moments came about again this past week when the Houston mayor was taking the heat.
The Texas governor, while not making a strong statement said he attempted in the early Hurricane Harvey warning days to get info on Houston’s potential evacuation plan, but received no immediate response basically at this time had little comment on that situation. Of course those Houston citizens were critical of being trapped by the flood waters.
However, I would venture to say a majority of the citizens would not have evacuated their homes anyway if an early warning was issued and I would probably have done the same if I was in their situation. Their response is typical of our current times. Complain when we should have heeded earlier cautious warnings. This attitude is common and was emphasized a few weeks ago when the Betterhalf had some needed service work on her car while we were in Minnesota.
The Betterhalf took her car for repair and the auto service manager at the shop could fix the auto in a few days. He called a day later and told her he was searching for a certain part, but it might be another day because his supplier offered the part for way too high a price. A day later he found the part for 300 percent less from another source and followed up completing the repair the next day.
The Betterhalf was pleased and wanted to bring his staff a plate of homemade cookies and an appreciative letter to give to his boss when she picked up the car.
In preparing her letter she decided to go one line to find “appreciative letter lingo” and make sure she expressed her appreciation properly.
 Guess what? She found not one sample of an appreciation letter and was swamped by finding sample letters that could be used by complaining customers.
I told her it was a sign of the times where complaining has become the dominating part of our conversations. Unfortunately, if I am not careful I fall into that category.
“But” is a word that cools many a warm impulse, stifles many a kindly thought, puts a dead stop to many a brotherly deed.
RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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