Harters safe in south Texas

Former Aurora mayor Ken Harter and his wife are near the eye of the storm in south Texas, where Hurricane Harvey is wreaking havoc with the worst storm to hit the United States in years.
Reached by cell phone at his home on Tuesday, Harter said they have been without electricity since Friday, but their home in Edna is on high ground and therefore above the raging flood waters.
“We’re okay where we are, but a lot of people aren’t,” Harter reported. “It’s been raining like heck every day so we have water all the way around us.”
Harter reported measuring 15 inches of rain since Friday, though he added that the total could be higher since his rain gauge has overflowed several times.
“I think we’re over the worst part of it,” he said, “but it’s a lot worse over in Houston. It’s terrible there.”
Edna is located in Jackson County, about 100 miles from both Corus Christy and Houston.
“Victoria got hit really bad and we’re 20 miles from there,” Harter continued. “You couldn’t spend a dollar right now if you wanted to here in Edna because everything is closed. Nobody has electricity.”
Without power in the home, Harter said he and his wife have been grilling meat from the freezer on a propane grill, so the food supply is fine.
“We have bottled water and plenty of food,” he said. “People are worried about us not having food, but we have more than we can eat because all our meat is starting to thaw out. We’ve been eating a lot of steak.”
The Harters own a farm five miles outside of Edna, where they eventually plan to move. He reported that the their rural property is on high ground as well, so they have no immediate flooding issues, personally, to deal with.
“We have an uprooted tree in our yard, but it didn’t hit anything,” he said. “God’s kind of watched out for us for some reason. We took in some other people who got flooded out, but they left yesterday. I think we’re over the worst part of it here, though they say there may be another one building out in the Gulf.”
Just getting updates on what’s happening has been difficult since there is no electricity. Harter said he has had a lot of calls from friends in Nebraska and he’s able to keep his cell phone charged by plugging it into his pickup at night.
“My cell phone is working, so we’ve been able to talk to people,” he said. “I hear more from people in Nebraska than I do from anyone around here. Again, tell people we appreciate all the concern and that we’re okay.”

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