Eagle makes appearance at celebration of life ceremony

 A Nebraska friend of ours recently died and we attended his “Celebration of Life” service at the family’s lakeside home. The outside service was held along the shoreline adjacent to their home.
Sadly the gentleman had just retired a year ago. He and his wife had sold their metro Nebraska home and purchased a year-round home on the lake where he as a child had spent the majority of his summers. Unfortunately his perfect retirement setting was short-lived.
As the celebration of life service came to the conclusive prayer and music, an eagle swooped down from a nearby tree and glided low over seated mourners. The eagle then soared and faded into the distance as it crossed the lake.
After the service our friend’s family commented that the eagle was regular on the property where the deceased would set on his patio and enjoy observing and “conversing” with big bird.
Now the question arises: “Was this eagle’s appearance and actions during the service a coincidence or was it an act prompted by a stronger power from above?”
Much publicity appeared a few weeks ago when a large company announced it was allowing employees to implant a computer chip in employees’ hands as a means of gaining access through secured or locked company doors. The plan means no more digging for a personal computer card and inserting into a reader for each employee. Just simply hold your hand in front of a scanner and the door automatically unlocks.
“Missy,” our dog, is unimpressed. She wonders where we humans have been the last few years and implied we’re behind times.
“We dogs have had computer chips implanted in our necks for many years,” she said. And besides she noted, “All we have to do is bark and you will open the door for us!”
For years while in the newspaper business we constantly took ribbing about tree pulp being the culprit in destroying the forests for the production of newsprint. Apparently we are now off the environmentalists’ target. They are now concerned of all the quantities of cardboard and plastics used by on-line retailers for shipping purchases to their customers.
The police came to a man’s house claiming his dog had chased someone on a bike. The man said, “You must be joking officer, my dog hasn’t got a bike!”
RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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