Signs of fall are everywhere, whether we are ready or not

Is it just me, or does it feel like fall comes earlier every year?
School bells will start ringing this week, far sooner than I can ever remember. Summer vacations are now a memory, many of them scheduled into a tighter window of opportunity. Even the weather hints that it’s time to turn the page into a new season, with cool mornings feeling more like late September than the usual blazing hot dog days of August.
The first week of school is upon us now, with a familiar look and feel that reminds us another year of change, learning and opportunity has arrived. Whether your family is embarking on that first magical day of kindergarten, the jump into high school, that quantum leap into college life, or into unfamiliar “empty nest territory,” it’s yet another reminder that the only thing constant in this life is change.
We should embrace it, though sometimes that’s hard to do.
It’s also starting to look a bit like fall on the rural landscape. Corn and soybean crops appear full and lush, reaping the benefits of some timely rains. Prices could be higher, of course, but we keep our fingers crossed that area farmers can avoid any weather damage and bring in the bounty when the time is right.
Education at its core is about individual learning, but it is also a community experience, as well as a family-building bond. Aurorans share that spirit and are ready to don their school colors, as are folks in Giltner, Hampton and High Plains. On that note, area teams begin practice this week with a clean slate, a perfect season, knowing there are a whole lot of lifetime memories waiting to unfold.
All things combined, if you listen carefully you can hear the pages turn from summer to fall. It’s like cracking open a new book for the very first time. Crisp pages; fresh material; anxious eyes ready to dive in and see what lies in the pages beyond.
Kurt Johnson

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