The new rule is that there are no rules

The Betterhalf jumped for joy when she saw in the newspaper evidence mounts that coffee seems to be just plain good for you. What really caught her eye was the statement, “Coffee drinkers live longer.” Judging by her jubilance she’s already making plans for her 100th birthday and birthdays beyond.
As for me, it looks like she going to leave me in the dust. I quit drinking coffee in the early years of marriage -- not because the coffee price went from a nickel to a dime -- but because coffee gave me stomach aches. Other bad habits have taken its place since and those habits are not going to improve my longevity.
This recent coffee acclaim follows years where studies have reversed earlier health opinions that basically were sacred. It leads me to our current society’s belief, “The rule is there are no rules.” And sometimes I wonder if that belief is not limited to just nutritional studies.
For examples: At one time we were told eating sugar was the sole cause of diabetes. Now, a list of other food causes have surfaced over the years. A reversal on the abstinence alcohol use now contends maybe a couple ounces a day is good for the heart.
Chocolate got a bum rap as far as I was concerned and was a “no-no.” In my first few years of school, we made regular early morning trips to Omaha to see an eye specialist. Before leaving, my parents would serve me a cup of hot chocolate with my breakfast cereal. After traveling down the road the car would pull to the side of the road and I would relieve my churning stomach. A few repetitions of my problem discovered an allergy to chocolate. Their rule of no chocolate haunted me until junior high when I nibbled on chocolate bars and suffered no consequences while delivering newspapers. Thus another rule disappeared.
A smile came to my face when I passed by a business with signage, “Ole & Lena’s Pizzeria featuring Italian Spice -- Norwegian Nice.” I would guess there are many Italian believers who think they are the only good pizza chefs. But, Ole & Lena are evidence of “The rule is there are no rules” in today’s world.
The bigger a man’s head gets, the easier it is to fill his shoes.
RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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