July temperatures show no signs of letting up

Taking a look at the thermometer, it is quite evident July thus far is showing no sympathy to those of us who dislike hot weather. The temps remind me of a joke about a ditch digger who, on one of the hottest days of the year, had his hat off and was wiping his brow when the foreman approached him.
“Be careful,” warned the foreman, “that hot sun will injure your brain if you leave that hat on too long.”
“Stop worrying,” replied the worker. “Do you think I’d be digging ditches in the middle of July if I had any brains.”
Patriotism is always a strong topic on the Fourth of July. We noted a reporter from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune traveled about the Twin Cities asking people about First Amendment rights. In her conversation with the individuals, she asked if they could recite the five rights that are included in the First Amendment. Most replied, “Freedom of speech and freedom of the press,” and a few others mentioned a third, “Freedom of religion.” Not one person questioned could name all five. For your info the remaining two rights also included in the First Amendment are “the right of assembly and the right to petition the government.”
I’m glad I’m not requested to do a lot of food shopping. The Betterhalf can recite the number of ounces in cans, bottles, cereal boxes and other food/drink products on the shelves. Recent findings show most consumers are good at spotting decreased packaging portions, but have a failing grade when it comes to estimating increased portions.
What was once termed “a simple shopping chore for the Betterhalf has been lost and new product packaging makes any of my shopping errands difficult. I am sure I am not the only infrequent shopper facing the new marketing challenges. I find a bargain box claiming 30 percent more, just a few years ago was the standard size. Cases now range from 18 to 30 units holding an assort ounces from eight, 12 and 16 ounces per unit.  Paper reams once were 500 sheets and now have 300 sheet reams or smaller. Paper towel packaging boasts not only a variety of sheets per roll, but a variety of rolls per package.
Simply put, “In today’s shopping world there is no more ‘normal’ whether we’re shopping for food, clothing, or autos.” Maybe that’s why an iPhone is as common in a shopper’s hand as a credit/debit card.
RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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