Time for a change?

 Even though it’s only June, it’s never too soon to talk Husker hoops, right?
Sorry. Sarcasm never gets me anywhere.
A few days ago I came across some notes and quotes from exactly five years ago this month, when I traveled to Lincoln to hear then newly-hired Husker basketball coach Tim Miles give a half hour talk at the Champions Club, right across from the football stadium. It seemed like just yesterday when there was a positive vibe, some positive energy shot into the program, the new guy acting the part and saying all the right things, telling jokes along the way.
In reality, Miles has produced very little over that time span. In six seasons, the Huskers have had five losing records and an overall mark of 87-104 (.455). They’ve averaged a “high schoolish” 65 points per game during that stretch, and this past season they were near the bottom in all of Division 1 in three-point shooting.
Back in 2012, at the Champions Club, Miles laid it all out there, stating, “Nebraska basketball will be a great thing. I know we can build a winner. If we can win at home, protect our home court, the rest will come.
“I know we’ve never won an NCAA Tournament game, but I’m the guy that’s going to help us get there. We have a good recipe and I know I can win games in the tournament.”
Miles and the Husker have had their moments, the one that jumps clearly to mind being “No Sit Sunday,” the March 9, 2014 game at Pinnacle against No. 9 Wisconsin. The last game of the regular season left the team with a sparkling 15-1 home record.
Another one was Miles being named Big Ten and National Coach of the Year following that 2014 campaign. The only trouble was, the Huskers got beat by Baylor in the Tournament, an ugly loss that left fans with a bitter taste in their mouths.
The down times have been plenty, and more so lately after the Huskers were pre-season No. 21 entering the 2014-15 season. Two that stand out include a shocking 74-46 home setback to Iowa, Miles locking the team out of the locker room after the game, and then this past March, a 93-57 home loss to Michigan, the worst setback in Lincoln in program history.
Miles certainly has his supporters, but he’s also got his critics. He went winless in his first 12 tries at Nebraska against ranked opponents, finally beating Ohio State in year three. Against Baylor in that tournament game, he got tossed during the second half. And just this past April, he lost four key players including starters Michael Jacobsen and Ed Morrow.
As for me, I’m not the athletic director. I’m just some guy banging away at his keyboard. But I do know this: the Huskers last won a regular season men’s basketball conference championship back in 1950, when gas was 20 cents a gallon and Harry S. Truman was the president. Right now, I’m starting to doubt if I’ll ever see one.
Change is certainly in order, and I have no doubt that it’ll happen after next season. A head coach is not only responsible for bringing in talent, but he’s also responsible for keeping the program moving forward and for providing hope.
The question is, who will Shawn Eichorst hire? Will it be another relative no-name, or will he dish out the money and go after a proven winner?
Oh, by the way, I recall a huge storm rolling through Lincoln just before Miles gave that pep talk. Rain, strong wind. Hail. Lightning.
I’m just sayin’.

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