Community has much to celebrate this A’ROR’N Days

It’s with great anticipation that Aurora rolls out the red carpet this weekend for a four-day celebration which long ago became a highlight of the summer.
Now in its 28th year, A’ROR’N Days epitomizes the small-town sense of community Nebraska is known for. It’s relaxed, genuine and fun for all ages, thanks to a formula for fun perfected by a planning committee that still has many of its original members. Those vested hometown volunteers pick the date and plan some of the main events, then alumni groups and other organizations add their own piece to the puzzle in what always turns out to a memorable gig. Hats off to the folks who work so hard behind the scenes to set the A’ROR’N Days stage.
To Husky grads back in town for their reunion and other guests visiting A-town for the first or 100th time, we invite you to look around our little corner of the world. Despite the challenges brought on by $3 corn, there is an awful lot of visible progress in Aurora and Hamilton County. That just doesn’t happen by accident.
The most obvious is on the west edge of town along 1st Street, where three projects are in simultaneous construction mode, all in the new Streeter Subdivision. A new 64-bed skilled care facility is going vertical now and is set to open as Westfield Quality Care of Aurora in the spring of 2018.
To the south and west of that project are not one but two new housing subdivisions, both of which address critical housing needs. Streeter 2nd, located on the far west edge of the property along Matson Street, will feature entry-level homes set to create a finished development by summer’s end, then doubling as a showcase for Aurora-based BonnaVilla Homes. Between those two projects is the 23-lot Streeter 1st Subdivision, where the first lot has already been sold in what promises to be a wonderful addition of single-family homes.
On the business front, Hamilton Telecommunications, which is hard at work now on a three-year plan to install fiber direct to every home in Hamilton County and beyond, has moved into its new $2 million headquarters just off the downtown square. There are two new restaurants in town and a number of retail businesses that have new owners or locations since last year.
Growth and development is visible as well along the I-80 corridor, where Mid-Nebraska Land Developers built a new headquarters just off Highway 14 and Griess Trucking is now building a new truck wash just south of Love’s.
Simply put, Aurora’s reputation as a vibrant, progressive community is alive and well. We do indeed have much to celebrate and A’ROR’N Days dials up the perfect opportunity to do just that.
Kurt Johnson

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