Brick and mortar has been replaced by internet

Since I am left-handed, I notice more than the average person whether a person is right- or left-handed. I have become aware of the alarming number of right-handed women who suddenly become left-handed when they get a diamond.
It is bad enough our own brick and mortar retailers are faced with competition from online retail services that bring merchandise right to the consumers’ doorstep. Our new social trends now are squeezing even the giant national retailers in malls where this year alone over 37 million square feet of space will be vacated by department store closures.
Now a new challenge has surfaced. In a major city a mobile food market has emerged via a metro transit bus loaded with grocery goodies ranging from fruit to meats. The mobile market makes 17 stops in areas that are more than a mile from the neighborhood supermarket. Stops are near daycare centers, housing projects, community centers and churches . . . all areas where potential customers have found it difficult to shop because of the lack of personal transportation, limited income, or inconvenient work schedules.
There seems to be another factor that all communities of any size are facing. Today’s family is geared around a fast and busy lifestyle. The majority of us are speed conscious, wanting things “right now,” and getting our shopping done quickly.
There are few slow cooked meals; we use the microwave. Fast meals can be made from pre-cooked foods coming from the deli, fast food or pizza pickup. All of this is not because we are a bunch of lazy people.
Our living style has gone “fast track” because families today are engaged in more activities than ever. Consequently the idea of making a leisurely shopping trip is fast disappearing. Shopping is beginning to be interpreted as just another necessary, but unwanted “rush hour.”
Speaking of food changes, a new key ingredient in a Nebraska startup food product has been found. It touts cooking with crickets. I think I’ll pass.
Life is like a grindstone and whether it grinds a man down or polishes him up depends upon the stuff of which he is made.
RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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