The circus era may end, will the show go on?

It was somewhat of a sad day a week ago when I read the Ringling Bros. & Barnum and Bailey Circus concluded its final performance. Our family, or at least I, had some fond memories of past circuses.
As a youngster my parents and I took in a Ringling Bros. Big Top performance and it was an exciting time. The circus atmosphere was enjoyed by our own sons with mom and dad a generation later. And a third circus attendance was repeated for still another generation later when gramps and grandma treated our grandsons to a Big Top performance.
Unfortunately, the old adage, “The show must go on,” has ended. Now the next question that comes to mind is will the our next generation ask, “What is a circus?”
While on the subject of a circus, I recall several years ago a potential job applicant came into the newspaper office. During the interview he was asked if he had any experience.
The applicant replied, “Yeah, I used to work for a circus.”
I smiled and told him that experience could be somewhat valuable because our office is a circus sometimes. However, the applicant decided newspapering in a circus atmosphere wasn’t for him.
There’s something to be said about the advantages of electric lawn maintenance products. The Betterhalf and I over the years have worked out an agreement. She likes to mow and while I don’t really enjoy lawn work, I do the trimming around the lawn, trees and shrubs. While the Betterhalf was catching up with mowing duties in between rain showers, I declared it was impossible for me to do trimming with the electric hedge shears, edger and chain saw. I declared it was just unsafe to stand on wet, or damp ground with electrical equipment because the potential of electrical shock.
My excuse had serious consequences when our wet weather doubled and maybe even quadrupled the shrub growing time. My solid day of trimming shrubs, trees and fence lines left me dead tired while putting a cynical smile on the Betterhalf’s face.
Once upon a time there was a hillbilly who was embarrassed because his wife made moonshine, but he loved her still.
RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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