Two youngsters show entrepreneurial promise

Many people inherit good looks. Others inherit intelligence. As for me, I inherited dry skin. That means a need for hand lotions for cracked fingers and balms for healing and soothing.
The Betterhalf also has a need for lotions and stashes a bottle or two conveniently near the lavatories in our household. Recently her “stash” caused a problem not for her, but for me.
For several days I continually reached for the moisturizer bottle near the sink and applied the good smelling lotion to my hands. Soon the bottle neared empty and I mentioned to the Betterhalf to add the moisturizer to her shopping list. That’s when the debate began.
“There is no hand lotion near the wash-up sink,” she said. Of course I argued the point telling her I just finished wiping the moisturizer on my hands.
“In fact,” I continued, “the bottle of Dove says it has up to two times more moisturization and is a cure for damage therapy.”
I boldly went to the laundry room and brought the bottle back to the scene of our confrontation showing her right on the label where “moisture” was printed numerous times. The Betterhalf smiled and through her laughs asked me to read the final two lines of the bottle’s label.
The final lines read: “Advanced Care and Repair for Beautiful Hair.” It was hair conditioner!
Another debate lost. Another ego torpedoed. However, I can look at the plus side of another losing confrontation -- at least the hair on the knuckles of my hands has the looks of “advanced care and repair!”
Our home’s front porch was the scene of the finest entrepreneurship from the younger generation. Two grade schoolers rang our doorbell. The Betterhalf answered the ring. The youngsters asked, “Would you like to buy a fan?”
They displayed their product, which was a piece of notebook paper folded accordion-style with small plastic clip of bird on its birdhouse at the base of the paper fan.
“It’s only a quarter,” was the answer from the young man. On the hot day, it was an offer that was impossible to turn down. It also could be added that in a few years the young duo appear to have the energy and knowhow to start a very successful business career.
Chevy Chase was quoted: “Thomas Edison said that a genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration. I hate to think of anyone that sweaty handling electricity.”
RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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