Project completed, without errors or injury

It’s been a busy past week. I was occupied preparing a nursery. But, before you become too excited and let your imagination go wild, let me explain.
I should mention the nursery was not in our household and to cool any thoughts you might have, the new nursery is located at Aurora Adopt-A-Pet.
It should also be pointed out I was assisted by a capable staff member who guided me through the nursery construction duties with completion coming in the nick of time. Less than 48 hours after completion the nursery was in use by mama dog and her three new pups.
My friends and my Betterhalf will find this tale even more amazing. I suffered no injuries performing our construction duty. There were no lost fingers to a power saw; no bruises; or scrapes; and no emergency visit to Memorial Hospital.
Incidentally, mama dog and her three pups are doing just fine.
Relating to births, a young daughter asked her mother why she doesn’t she have another baby. The mother answered, “Because we can’t afford one.”
Concernedly, the little girl replied: Mother, you don’t buy babies. We’d better have a little talk.”
A news article reported by the year 2020 there will be a network of flying cars. Uber has already made plans for the new initiative. As much trouble I have with my current automobile’s electronics, I assume I will remain grounded for the rest of my driving days.
Thank goodness first on the list for having flying cars is Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The Dallas-Fort Worth area is tagged to be the first USA location. Well, if I am still driving by 2020, it appears I am nearing the time for my last trip through the “Big D.”
Nature does make some mistakes. Sometimes she puts all the bones in the head and none in the back.
President Trump who was the first president to not attend the Washington DC Press Correspondents’ Annual Banquet made the comment he was never so glad to be hundreds of miles away in Florida instead of in attendance at the Washington dinner. Thinking about the president’s comment, I am willing to bet there were plenty of senators and congressional members who were also glad Trump was hundreds of miles from Washington.
RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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