New technology gives farmers upper hand

Just as it is in every industry today, the technology in agriculture is growing and improving the industry as it progresses. One example of this technology involves grain bin monitoring systems called BinManager, manufactured by a company named IntelliFarms out of Kansas City, Mo.

When farmers are carrying their grain inside a steel tank they need to be able to know what it is doing, and this system can be the eyes, so-to-speak, inside the bin. Five sensors inside of bin hang from the ceiling, strategically located every four feet. These sensors are able to measure heat, which travels in all directions, and moisture, which travels in vertical columns. Moisture will cause the column to heat up, the ball of temperature will spread and the sensors will catch it.
Doug Maier is an independent consultant for IntelliFarms in this area, and his goal is to work with farmers to get their grain to the target moisture so it is ready for sale, helping producers get the best price possible. He works closely with farmers in the area to monitor their systems, and is a certified installer so he can assist with any mechanical issues that may arise.

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