Adults just want to relive their younger years

It appears we adults never want to grow up. All of us at some time in our lives revert back to our childhood. As a child we played with an electric train. As an adult we relived our train fascination by enjoying model railroading for several years. Now many adults jump back into the sports game participating in adult softball, volleyball and basketball leagues.
In Omaha and several other communities across the nation some adults are trying to leap back even farther into their earlier childhoods. A schoolyard game is trying to find its footing in the form of kickball leagues and apparently is in the early stages of forming a successful following.
I know kickball will not be on my agenda. As we got older we realized the mind can revert back much easier than the body. Experience has also taught me so-called recreational sports are termed anything but “recreational” the next day when the scent of BenGay, moans and groans filled the household.
While on the subject of sports, many Husker fans after the Red-White Spring Game are optimistic about the upcoming season. However, there could be some mumbling going on, too. Beginning with the first home football game this fall, NU is implementing new crowd safety standards for all sports venues.
A clear bag policy will be in place before entering the stadium. These will be allowed in the stadium:
A clear plastic bag (no bigger than 12” x 6” x 12”), a small clutch bag, a gallon-sized freezer bag, a camera (under 6”) without case, binoculars (no case), hand-held radios and TV’s, infant feeding supplies, empty water bottle, regulation seat cushion (no arms, no zippers) and blankets should be worn over the shoulders.
Well, that ought to test the sincerity of Husker fans. As for me, the Betterhalf will be delighted because I will have to assume responsibility for my own forgetfulness of sunglasses, snacks, etc.
The new safety regulations, if they continue to become more stringent in future years, could lead to the extreme. Visualize in a decade or two, 90,000+ safety-checked Husker fans seated completely nude in the stadium? Hmm . . . in that case I wonder if the string of consecutive sellouts would continue and who would be watching the game.
RL Furse is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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