Signs of spring everywhere, offering optimism and energy

Hope springs eternal.
No matter how many times you’ve lived through it, spring fever and all that comes with it is such an invigorating phenomenon. It represents new life, a season of hope and a palpable explosion of energy that spreads smiles as wide as the morning horizon.
Signs of the season were everywhere this past week. The older I get, the more I notice those little seasonal mile markers, both individually and as a collective whole.
Christians marked the ultimate symbol of renewal Sunday, celebrating the resurrection of Christ Jesus and the eternal life that is granted to all who believe in Him. It is such a glorious feeling to hear the sacred story of the most holy day of the year, and this year was no exception. Christ’s resurrection represents a celebration of life, hope and purpose, putting everything else into clear perspective.
Here in the Heartland, farmers are chomping at the bit to get fields ready for planting, a spring tradition rooted in our heritage. The soil looks so good, with a deep brown hue hinting of a promising season ahead. There’s an almost giddy sense of opportunity in the air each and every spring as producers, and so many linked to agriculture in some way, wait for the calendar’s green light to begin another growing season.
Life-giving rains made it most certainly feel like spring during the past week or two. We could use more of those slow, half-inch soakers, of course, but when they do come you can almost feel the grass, plants, flowers and leaves begin to grow.
Big Red football was also in the spotlight with Saturday’s spring game. Husker Nation is always ready for an early look at next year’s team, and this time around there will be lots of new players, coaches and on-field strategies to watch. Two local players will be vying for playing time next fall, which gives local fans even more skin in the game.
Here’s hoping you find some extra spring in your step this week, renewed with a sense of purpose and opportunity.
Kurt Johnson

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