Spring brings with it start of several new, exciting projects

Planters are not yet sowing seeds in the ground, but the dirt is turning in other productive, progressive and exciting ways here in Hamilton County.
On the west edge of Aurora, huge earth-moving machines got an early jump with the warm weather, turning dirt on a multi-phase project which holds promise on several fronts. It’s the biggest project yet on the new 117-acre Streeter Subdivision, which if all goes as planned will look drastically different by the end of the year. Utility infrastructure is scheduled to start going in this week for the new 64-bed Westfield Quality Care skilled care facility, as well as the 23-lot Streeter 1st housing subdivision. Each is a big deal, and combined they represent incredible growth opportunities.
Not far away on Highway 34, Memorial Community Health is well on its way to finishing the Four Seasons Room and outdoor courtyard, which will enhance that facility and give residents there a year-around connection to the great outdoors.
A few blocks farther east, plans are shaping up for construction of a new multi-court tennis facility in Streeter Park, adding yet another attraction to Aurora’s growing recreational playground.
And on the business front, Griess Trucking has announced plans to build a new truck wash facility this spring/summer just across Madison Avenue south of Love’s.
Progress is visible this spring throughout the county as well.
In Hampton, the skyline is changing with the shell already in place for a new competition gymnasium. The combined construction/renovation project approved by voters last spring reflects that community’s commitment to its school, and its future.
And in the other direction on Highway 34, Phillips residents are enjoying a new Memorial Hall, finishing up this winter on a facility that beams with local pride.
Spring is definitely in the air, bringing with it the start of several projects that have been on the drawing boards for months, if not years. Despite a somewhat sluggish statewide economy, these are VERY encouraging signs!
Kurt Johnson

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