Men are destined to be dressed by women

While recently attending a now-rare social function that required the wearing of a suit and tie, a friend came up to me and asked if his suit looked “OK” ... and if his shirt collar was laying properly and if his tie was appropriate.
Then he cleared the air by explaining since his wife had died in the past year he had no one at home to pick out his clothes or tell him what to wear.
That’s when I realized most all old males have come full circle. We had begun life with our mom picking out our baby outfits. We were sent off to school in the fall with new school togs -- again picked out by our moms. We enjoyed a few years of independence where off to college we dressed as our mood dictated, “neat or sloppy.” Our brief carefree attitude all changed once we got married and had an inkling of what the future was about to hold.
Ready to head out for a social event with the Betterhalf  I was sometimes greeted with, “You aren’t wearing that are you?” But, I still maintained some independence of buying my own attire ... although that freedom over the years has begun to erode.
I’ve noticed some of my old comfortable favorites such as the blue shirt with the frayed collar ... a comfy pair of jeans with a hole in the knee ... my old wide-lapelled sport coat have all mysteriously disappeared from my closet. The wordage, “disappeared” may be a little too harsh. I recently found some of my comfy items just don’t make it out of the laundry room anymore.
The Betterhalf’s still has not solved her “dress the hubby properly problem” and I assume I will continue to embarrass her. For example, just a week ago I missed her morning inspection and when I returned from early morning coffee with the crew at the local convenience store I realized I had been wearing my V-neck pullover sweater backward. It was evident that only men were at the coffee table because no one noticed or even said a word.
Just like I keep telling the Betterhalf; “At my age people expect a guy like me not to be a fashion model, or dress for success!”
Here’s an old married man’s destiny. From the day our moms picked out our first diapers, to the day we die, it looks like a woman will make the final decision on what we will wear.
RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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