Penner gives Aurora front row seat to nation’s political scene

Political frustration in Washington has found its way to Aurora.
Last week’s announcement that a native son has thrown his hat in the ring for the 3rd District House seat came as somewhat of a surprise to many, though not to his wife Jennifer, who recently reminded him that he made that pledge years ago in college.
Kirk Penner is well known locally as part of a close-knit, successful family, a man who has given of his time, talent and treasure to improve his hometown community. But he is frustrated with the tone, tactics and lack of action coming out of Washington, and he’s not alone.
Less than three months after Donald Trump moved into the White House, Penner made a bold, potentially life-changing decision to throw his hat in the ring and run for Congress. There is a noticeable confidence in his voice when he says he has concrete answers to some of the major issues of the day. He’s doesn’t blink when he says he’s “all in,” as is his family, to try and make a difference both in Washington and here at home in the 3rd District. That’s impressive.
First and foremost, we applaud his patriotic ambition, knowing he will represent Aurora well as a 3rd District candidate. It takes a lot of guts to run for higher office these days, with Congressional approval ratings at an all-time low, and we’re confident Penner is up to the challenge.
It will not be a traditional campaign, we learned right out of the gate, as Penner is running not as a Republican, Democrat or independent, per se, but as a “red state Nebraska conservative.” That term and the movement behind it demand a great deal of definition, quite frankly, and Penner seems ready and willing to offer specific details.
It will be fascinating to watch his campaign unfold up close and personal over the next year plus, especially considering the feisty mood resonating across the country.
The ire felt by Nebraska residents flared up even here in Aurora last week during Sen. Ben Sasse’s town hall session. Just two hours after interviewing Penner about his pending candidacy, I walked into a hornet’s nest of fired up folks who wanted to let Sasse know in no uncertain terms that they don’t like what’s happening in Washington. Penner was there as well, and knows he can expect more of the same.
The News-Register will follow his campaign closely, giving Hamilton County a front row seat to national politics at one of the more volatile times in American history.
Stay tuned ...
Kurt Johnson

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