Aurora remains worthy of home town spirit

Excuse me while I again turn to an old newspaper issue where Aurora Republican-Register columnist Joseph Alden, who in 1935 made reference to our community when in the 30’s wrote about our community of Aurora. He reminisced how his village, town-city of Aurora left him his most precious of memories. Although many of us were not born here we have established many precious memories of this community.
 Nearly 70 years ago Alden wondered how many of his readers had thought about the priceless thing called the home town spirit.
“Home town spirit has no intrinsic value whatsoever.” Alden continued, “But it is cheap enough any village town or city may have it in abundance. I can only pay a written tribute to the proudest, happiest, richest possession of this nation -- the home spirit. It is the basis of all our prosperity, our pledge of present wellbeing and our high hope of future happiness. It is that which sends forth ambitious young men and women to conquer the world. It is that which sends the weary one’s thought home-turning when the battle of life seems too big for him. It is that which holds the youth home to its children with bonds of tempered steel. And it is that which, when the shadows fall about one, inspires the wish that his tired remains shall rest in the beloved soil of his old home town.
Because home towns are precious things, they who rule them should make them places of happy childhood, wholesome influences, cultural advantages and good living. They should strive to surround every youth with the environment of encouragement. They should labor unceasingly and intelligently to make them such towns that boys and girls when grown gray shall be able to say with glowing pride, ‘That is my Home Town!’”
I would think that if Alden were alive today he would be even more proud of his “Home town Aurora” and the continued leadership of its citizenry.
Two small boys were discussing the capabilities of their mothers. “My mother can talk on any subject,” the first boy proudly declared.
“Phooey!” retorted the other. “My mother can talk without any subject at all.”
RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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