New report announces good news for mothers

A new report will be welcomed by those mothers who hate to try to keep a spotless house. According to findings in the New England Journal of Medicine, researchers studied 60 children in Hutterite and Amish farm communities with similar genetic ancestry. Hutterites use modern farm machinery on large farms while Amish live on single-family farms, close to barns, with children spending more time in the barns than Hutterites.
Amish house dust was rich in bacterial debris that Hutterite dust lacked. About five percent of Amish children (ages 6-14) have asthma -- half the U.S. average and one-fourth the Hutterite average. Mothers will rejoice in the study’s conclusion that has come from the report saying barnyard dust must stimulate children’s immune systems and protects against asthma.
The Betterhalf seems to have a problem when I discuss our family. In a conversation with someone who asked about the boys, I invariably mention, “MY sons blah, blah, blah”. The Betterhalf fumes a moment or two, and then speaks her piece. “I thought the sons were OUR sons” she coldly and very clearly emphasizes to me.
I must admit she has a valid point, but I guess after this many years of marriage I am anxious to get as much positive credit as I can.
 I sympathize with those people who like to notice different state license plates as they travel down the highways. Nebraska, as well as most other states, has added confusion to what can now be determined as our official state plate. In Nebraska we were earlier concerned about the sower on our license plate. All that public “sower fuss” went for naught. Now when a car passes us with a 2017 plate the sower is almost unnoticed.
However, we have so many specialty plates today with personal names, letters, organizational logos, and even colors that now the “Nebraska” state lettering and numbers have a tendency to be lost on those new plates. I really feel sorry for law enforcement officers who are trying to ID a license plate number on a vehicle violating the law.
A friend of mine told me cats were smarter than dogs. Knowing I was a dog lover, he then emphasized his point. “You can’t get eight cats to pull a sled through the snow.”
RL FURSE  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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