Years of marriage make gift shopping difficult

Valentine’s Day has come and gone. It now appears there’ll be no more “gifting” between the Betterhalf and me until anniversary time. That is, unless the Betterhalf thinks we’re Irish enough to celebrate St. Pat’s Day with the wearing of the green.
Each year it has become more difficult to solve the gifting for Valentine’s Day. It seems the longer a couple is married those initial gifts of the early years that once filled the needs of our bare necessities’ household are no longer appearing on our gifting list. In those early years small appliances such as a coffeemakers, or hedge trimmers were popular gifts for him or her. Today we are fortunate in our household there exists not really too many him or her voids that our past Valentine gifts have not already filled.
In this past Valentine’s Day gift search, the Betterhalf proved the most challenging when I tried to find a gift that would not reflect I was buying the gift for myself. Off my gift-giving list went a TV soundbar and speakers. I didn’t have the courage to buy a new fishing cleaning tool called “Skinzit.” This gadget could automatically skin and bone fish all in one step. However, I was haunted by her statement from the past when the Betterhalf had told me, “You catch and clean fish and I will cook them, period!”
I eliminated the idea of chocolate-dipped strawberries since I gave her a box of chocolates for her January birthday.
Once it was suggested she would like to have new kitchen cabinets. After some serious questioning and also pricing, she thought maybe the kitchen improvement was not convenient at this time and that project would move down on her wish list. Just when I thought she might like a new “My Pillow” she proceeded to buy one herself.
Searching through the Sunday newspaper and spotting an advertisement touting a hearing aid for your Valentine sweetheart just didn’t seem to convey much of a romantic mood or stimulate my mustering up the courage to even present the idea to her.
Finally, I resigned myself to the fact to turn to the Valentine gift she has received many years in a row . . . three long stem roses representing our three sons and a statement to “take a day shopping on me and buy what you wish!”
She was happy and so was I.
RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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