Times have changed, marriage practices too

It must be the age, but we catch ourselves looking back to the past. But, what else do we have to compare our experiences to?
That is the case when I spotted where the average wedding today was around $35,000.
That $35,000 wedding cost just re-enforced my belief I married the Betterhalf at the right time. Again when I suggested marriage, outside the cost  of the engagement ring, I was pretty naïve about the cost of being married.
Going back to this $35,000 average cost of today’s wedding . . . when I mentioned that $35,000 number to the Betterhalf, she just simply stated, “Good thing we didn’t have daughters!” Even today with the scientific studies of today, the Betterhalf got herself off the hook when she said the man determines the sexuality offspring and that is why we produced three sons instead of three daughters. I countered it took “two to tango and she was just as responsible for the outcome. If that was the case and the male determines the sexuality, the good Lord gave me a break. If we had daughters, they would have good ol’ Dad wrapped around their fingers.
Continuing with this $35,000 wedding tab, I would have a tough time coming up with any such a financial outlay.
Nearly 58 years ago we were fortunate to be among the conservative group where we still had a year of college to pay for. It was common place where the Betterhalf bought her own wedding dress and the best man was the only “outside member” of the wedding party who had his tux rental paid for by the groom. The bride’s parents hosted the prenuptial supper served by the bride’s mother and the bride herself at their farm home. The wedding dance and reception was held at community youth center.
Guess what? Our budget wedding, even including a refiguring of the cost of today’s inflation factor, fell way short of today’s $35,000 wedding. In addition, our wedding was just as beautiful; the bride was glamorous; and today the couple is preparing this fall to celebrate 58 years of wedding bliss (give or take a few moments).
Times have certainly changed and I am reminded of a comment from Barbara Bush: “I married the first man I ever kissed. When I tell my children that, they just about throw up.”
RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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