City to conduct water quality maintenance program

In a continuing effort to distribute high quality potable water, the City of Aurora Public Water System will conduct a routine water quality preventative maintenance program. The program will involve temporarily introducing chlorine to the system in order to optimize water quality within the water distribution system. The process will also include flushing of the distribution system to clean the water mains.

Chlorine is generally used for approximately one week, or until the distribution system has been completely flushed. The addition of chlorine will begin as early as Feb. 15 and the process should be finished by approximately Feb. 22, when the system will terminate the injection of chlorine.

During the preventative maintenance program, some customers may notice temporary taste, color or odor differences in their water. This is a normal component of the process and customers should be reassured that water quality remains safe for drinking, bathing, cooking and other uses.  Most customers will not notice any change.

There are three groups of water users that should take special precautions during the maintenance program:
1) Hospitals and kidney dialysis providers/patients,
2) Fish, pond, pool and aquarium owners/operators, and
3) Some businesses that use water in their production process.  
Those who fall into any of the above categories are strongly encouraged to seek professional advice concerning removal methods for chlorine and chloramines from their water supply.
This maintenance program is being performed at this time of year when water usage is low, as to not stress the water distribution system during times of higher demands, such as summer.  You may see crews performing flushing operations at hydrants to insure chlorinated water is dispersed throughout the entire water system.
The temporary addition of chlorine and flushing of water mains helps optimize water quality by:
Removing and reducing biofilm and bacteria from the water distribution system pipes
Removing sediments and other material that has accumulated in pipes
Reducing the formation of nitrates and nitrites (nitrification)
Reducing taste and odor complaints
Decreasing corrosion potential in pipes
Improving overall drinking water quality
Once the distribution system has been completely and adequately treated and flushed, the disinfection process will be eliminated. The City of Aurora PWS will post a notice in the Aurora News-Register to notify all customers of the completion of the program.

For further information with specific questions, residents and customers can contact City Hall at 402-694-6992.


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