Election field set for November

With the general election only three months away, it’s time to take a local look at who the candidates are for the schools, villages and cities in the county.
The two contested races, not including any write-ins, will be the Giltner Village Board and the High Plains School Board. Opposite of contested, only one person has filed for the Hordville village with three vacancies available.
Here is a look at who will be on the ballot in November:
Hamilton County Commissioners (two vacancies) -- Gregg Kremer, incumbent, District 4; Roberta Parks, non-incumbent, District 3.
Giltner School Board (three vacancies) -- Kimberla Eastman, incumbent; Karissa Bish, incumbent; Michael Wilson, non-incumbent.
Hampton School Board (three vacancies) -- Matt Arndt, incumbent; Craig VanHousen, incumbent; Jeffrey Hansen, non-incumbent.
Aurora School Board (three vacancies) -- Dan Pachta, incumbent; Scott Schuster, incumbent; Kirk Penner, non-incumbent.
High Plains School Board (three vacancies) -- Wendy Hudson, incumbent; Karen Stevens, incumbent; Terry Carlstrom, non-incumbent; Kent Helgoth, non-incumbent.
City of Aurora (one vacancy in each ward) -- Wayne Roblee, incumbent, Ward 1; Nancy Lohrmeyer, non-incumbent, Ward 2; Dorothy Anderson, incumbent, Ward 3.
Airport Authority -- John Wilcox, incumbent; Kirk Reichardt, incumbent.
Phillips Village (two vacanies) -- Marvin Ziola, incumbent; Dwayne Bergmark, incumbent.
Giltner Village (three vacancies) -- Dustin Antle, non-incumbent; James Lindquist, non-incumbent; Darlene Larson, non-incumbent; Terra Hinrichs, incumbent.
Marquette Village (two vacancies) -- Catherine Archer, non-incumbent; Clint Petersen, incumbent.
Hampton Village (two vacancies) -- Kirk Goertzen, incumbent; Dylan Bamesberger, non-incumbent.
Hordville Village (three vacancies) -- Rodney Blase, incumbent.
The general election is on Nov. 8.

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