Voter turnout tops 38 percent

Despite Mother Nature’s attempt to throw a wrench into the primary election Tuesday night, precincts in the affected areas, though delayed, still made it to the Hamilton County Courthouse to drop off their precious cargo to be counted.
The voter turnout for Hamilton County was 38.5 percent. Of the 6,473 registered voters in the county, 2,495 voted.
Though she has been involved in the election for years, this was Jill DeMers’ first year taking the reins as election commissioner.
“It was exciting. It’s a rush every election,” DeMers said. “It went really smooth, and I enjoyed it.”
Volunteers at both the Hordville and Marquette precincts had to take cover after tornado warnings were issued in their areas, but DeMers said they were prepared and everything went well.
The canvassing board will be meeting on Thursday at 9:30 a.m. to go through the provisionals and the reports from the 650 ballot machine to make sure everything matches up to confirm all numbers. The following numbers are all unofficial until Thursday.
Locally, the Village of Giltner voted 69 to 49 in favor of allowing an increase in the budgeted restricted funds base by $386,613, or 450 percent in excess of the limits prescribed by law for fiscal year 2016-17. More details on that issue will be presented in next week’s edition.
In Hampton, Proposition 1, which outlined a $5 million renovation plan at the public school, passed with a vote of 253 for and 160 against (See related story). Proposition 2, which was for the $2.25 million competition gym, passed 218 for with 196 against.
Nationally, Republican Donald Trump will take the presidential nomination win for Hamilton County with 1,030 votes. Ted Cruz received 492 votes. John Kasich received 206 votes. Ben Carson brought in 112 votes and Marco Rubio had 61. There were 19 write-in candidates from Hamilton County.
In the Democratic primary, Hillary Clinton came out on top in Hamilton County with 171 votes, while Bernie Sanders brought in 156. There were 27 write-in’s.
In the Libertarian party, Gary Johnson received two votes and there were two write-in’s in Hamilton County.
Republican Congressional District 3 candidate Adrian Smith received 1,733 votes in Hamilton County. There were 31 write-in’s.
For the Republican Public Service Commission, Hamilton County voted 1,242 for Rod Johnson, 210 for Tammy Cheatum and 137 for Dakota Delka.
For the Democratic Congressional District 3 there were 34 write-in’s. A total of 28 write-in’s were received for the Democratic Public Service Commission.
In the Board of Regents race, Paul Kenney took the win in Hamilton County with 1,042 votes. Next was Marsha Fangmeyer with 494 votes while Mary George received 375 votes. There were seven write-in’s.

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