Winning solves everything

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Break up the Huskers!
Mike Riley for coach-of-the-year!
Okay, maybe I am getting carried away just a bit, but doesn’t it feel nice to simply win a football game?
Following a couple more weeks of heartbreak to Illinois and Wisconsin, Nebraska got back on track up in Minneapolis on a cool, sunny afternoon by dispatching the Gophers, something they couldn’t do the past two seasons.
Going into the game I gave Big Red a 50-50 chance of victory, and no one around these parts was looking forward to going 2-5, so to say this was a “much needed” win would be a gigantic understatement.
Now there’s a chance to get back to .500 this weekend against a Northwestern team that appears to be imploding. The Wildcats looked like a scary bunch just two weeks ago following early season wins against Stanford and Duke, but getting outscored the past two weeks 78-10 against Michigan and Iowa brought this team back to reality.
Now the Huskers just need to build on their momentum, build on their confidence, get a few more guys back from the injured list and build on their mental toughness.
I’ve come to believe that the mental side of college football is huge. Look at what Oklahoma did the past two weeks, looking pretty shabby against Texas, then whipping up on Bill Snyder’s Wildcats 55-0 on Saturday in Manhattan.
You think they weren’t more “dialed in” after losing to the Longhorns?
And what about Mississippi? When I saw them earlier this season in a win against Alabama, I seriously thought there’s no team more talented in the nation. Then they lose to Florida, and then on Saturday to Memphis. Yes, Memphis is undefeated, but c’mon.
I guess that’s what makes college football so exciting and unpredictable. And so nerve wracking.
This past Friday night was a huge sports night so I was forced to multi-task. It wasn’t easy but I came through unscathed.
Listening to Husker volleyball on the radio, tuning in the Northwest-Aurora football game on my ipad and then watching the Royals dispatch the Blue Jays in game one of the ALCS left me pretty much exhausted by 10 o’clock. But it was a great night because all three teams came out on top.
Did you see that? Did you see Mike Riley actually get mad on the sidelines? I did, but it was just for a split second. When Minnesota was trying to make a second half comeback and Nebraska’s offense was having a few issues (imagine that), forced to take a timeout, Riley got upset but walked away from offensive coordinator Danny Langsdorf. Not that it brought back any memories of Bo, but it was sure nice to see a little fire in the old guy.
So far this hasn’t been a good football season for daughter Jordan. Not only has she had to suffer through the four last-second losses by the Cornhuskers, but she’s also been forced to endure four fourth quarter collapses by her beloved Seattle Seahawks. Cheer up season starts next month and wrestling is right around the corner.

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