Be careful what you say about cutting back chow

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A drought has occurred in our household. I’m not talking about a household with a lack of water, but a household that has another type of drought. Let’s just call it a “dessert drought” and it was one of my own choosing.
I unwittingly mentioned to the betterhalf  I was beginning to get a little thick around the middle and it was going to be necessary to cut back a little on the chow. I didn’t realize she included desserts as a part of what I assumed was chow -- you know, that meat and potatoes stuff.
In past years, dishing out food helpings and placing my dinner plate on the table instead of letting me freely serve to myself as many helpings from the table’s casserole dish has been her usual diet pattern plan. But, when I answered the dinner call and headed to the kitchen this time her diet response caught me off guard. My plate awaited me as I expected. However there was only one serving of casserole already on my plate and no casserole baking dish with more ingredients for potential refills in sight. Over on the kitchen counter I spotted some cookies, coconut bars and an angel-food pineapple pan cake. I then questioned if she heard my “too fat” comment from a day earlier since the sweets were still within eyesight.
She said she did and went on to explain the sweets had appeared after she cleaned out her freezer.
“The coconut bars are mine because you don’t like coconut,” she said. “The cookies are from Christmas and one of the grandkids forgot to take them home and now needed to be eaten,” she added. She slammed the door on my last hope pointing out the angel-food pineapple cake was for a meeting where she was the dessert host. The betterhalf was emphatic the desserts would never tickle my taste-buds.
Since that day of the abundant dessert display she has turned a cold ear and consequently a cold oven to my hopes of a sweet conclusion to my dining. Even the once store-bought three quart ice cream has failed to appear in the kitchen frig.
Now where has this all self-mandated dessert drought gotten me? Not very far. The scale shows my weight has not dropped dramatically. The dog Missy is even suffering because there’s not much for her to lick off my plate anymore.
Maybe it’s time to walk a little farther; walk a little faster; and start pedaling the bike. Then just maybe, desserts in our household will magically reappear.
RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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