Of all the things a child needs, Mom tops list

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There’s no question I am an avid newspaper reader. I couldn’t help but chuckle when an advertisement in a daily newspaper this past week caught my eye.
The advertisement featured a free gourmet dinner at an Italian steakhouse immediately following a free seminar. What was the topic of the seminar?
“Stress, hormones and health – the true cause of belly fat.”
If any community could use a chamber of commerce promoting the positive aspects of its community it would be Aone, Japan. Aone has a population of 638 residents. It’s two-room schoolhouse contains six desks for six elementary students. The middle school has an enrollment of eight.
The community’s main street is described as two small general stores and a restaurant. The reporter described the restaurant as a “grimy restaurant” that could make a claim for serving the worst food in Japan.
With an average age of 62, the reporter also pointed out the most common mode of transportation is a walker with wheels that doubles as a shopping cart and mobile seat.
Doesn’t sound like the kind of community you would want to move to. But, the reporter saves grace when he points out in the Aone school system there are no students who are left behind because the classes stick to the subject until each kid gets it.
And there’s a belief some U.S. oldsters will agree. There are no computers in the classroom. This stems from an entrenched belief that education must entail direct communication and using technology is a form of neglect.
With Mother’s Day approaching I cannot overlook that important date although both the betterhalf and I have mothers that have passed on. A man of letters said, “The mother’s heart is the child’s schoolroom. It is possible that if all the education a child receives were totaled up to its sources, the sum in the column headed ‘Mother’ would be the greatest. There are so many things a child needs to know, so many things he asks, so many things he accepts from the lips, the direction, the attitude and the example of his mother. These are the things he takes through life with him.”
Happy Mother’s Day!
RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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