Running for president more popular than ever

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I’m not much for getting into politics, but it seems the number of people who want to be in a national presidential race increases each election year. I believe a kid sometime during his/her young naive years expresses the wish to become U.S. president. Based on the candidates announcing intent to enter the presidential race thus far, a once childhood desire now, more than ever, has continued on into adulthood more than ever.
As I said, I’m not for getting into politics, but I do enjoy the humor that comes with it. Again, political humor has started early and gives no indication of subsiding.
A campaign slogan has been suggested for Jeb Bush according to one comedian: “Buy two bushes and get one free.”
A political advisor said the trick in political campaigning is to give them platitudes without fear or favor and straight-from-the-shoulder generalities.
Political comments apparently do not exclusively come from the U.S. citizenry. In an English political campaign address John Morley had just finished and requested his listeners to vote for him. A man jumped angrily to his feet and shouted, “I’d rather vote for the devil!”
“Quite so,” rejoined Morley with a smile, “but in case your friend declines to run, may I count on your support?”
 Of course newspapers and their editors are also included in political humor:
“What do you mean,” roared the politician, “by publicly insulting me in your old rag of a newspaper? I will not stand for it and I demand an immediate apology.”
“Just a moment,” answered the editor. “Didn’t the news item appear as you gave it to us, namely, that you resigned as city treasurer?
The disgruntled politician then replied, “It did, but where did you put it?  -- in the column under the heading, ‘Public Improvements.’”
After all these years I’ve concluded it’s nice to have four years between elections. It takes people that long to regain their faith.
RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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