Cataract surgery, results look so much better with time

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“Cataract” is a word that is familiar to the majority of senior citizens. A few months ago the betterhalf  became very familiar with not only the word “cataract,” but the word “surgery” as well.
  This past week the betterhalf completed her second successful cataract surgery and now her future looks much brighter. As she marvels about brighter colors and I assume the old line from a laundry detergent advertisement that claimed “whiter whites” also holds true.
 As for me, I was a witness to the third generation of having a family member undergo cataract surgery and was amazed just how much had changed from the day I visited with my grandfather after he underwent the knife. My grandfather attempted to visit from his hospital bed with a sandbag on each side of his head to prevent head movement. He was flat on his back for nearly a week before leaving the hospital. Then he was doomed to wear glasses that framed thick lenses resembling the bottom of glass pop bottles.
 My second experience with surgery was several decades later when my mother faced cataract surgery that was about a six-hour ordeal. No sandbags; no laying flat on your back, but still a six-hour ordeal before leaving the hospital.
 Now nearly 30 years later the betterhalf took her turn. Talk about the fast lane. She entered Memorial Hospital around 6 a.m. and was home before 9 a.m. I must admit the betterhalf is a good patient, but the hospital staff displayed excellent care and the surgery couldn’t have gone better. Sometimes we question if the medical field is moving fast enough with new techniques and treatment. Cataract surgery answered that question, particularly when you are a witness to cataract surgery over a six-decade period.
 The betterhalf’s improved vision and quick recovery has created a few problems in the household. What were the first words she said when we arrived home from the hospital? She walked into the kitchen and said, “My gosh my kitchen cupboards look dirty and the counter tops need polishing!” Later she implied after looking in the mirror that her hair appeared a little grayer and she had a few more facial wrinkles. I now expect the next step will be an appointment to the beauty shop and later a plastic surgeon will be on the schedule.
 In all honesty, I would venture to guess the beauty shop appointment will occur and as far as a facelift, she will put that on hold. You see with improved eyesight she’s taken a closer look at me and now might just figure, “Viewing his condition, I’ve got a real cleanup/polishing job on my hands.”
 The trouble with using experience as a guide is that the final exam often comes first and then the lesson.
RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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