Healthy goals

The new year begins with a new challenge.
Fresh off a holiday season overflowing with goodwill, good memories and way too much good food, the News-Register and Memorial Community Health Inc. are teaming up once again to provide some healthy motivation. The seventh annual Hamilton County Health Challenge is a go, kicking off in March and wrapping up 100 days later with an awards ceremony during A’ROR’N Days.
Each year since this program began, coordinators have considered whether to carry on for another season, and each year the answer has been yes. It’s rewarding to hear life-changing stories from participants who have gone all in with the challenge, and then posted amazing results just 100 days later. There have been many of those feel-good testimonials since this competition began in 2009.
Last year was no exception, with the winning duo of Brent Turek and Toby Kort dropping a combined 88 pounds to claim the top prize. This year $500 is up for grabs again, with $300 going to the second place team and $200 for third. In addition, $250 will be awarded to the individual who loses the greatest percentage of body weight. That’s a little extra incentive for each and every participant to stay on track, even if your partner isn’t quite as motivated.
The challenge, it seems, is not only taking the challenge, but sticking with it. Last year, 54 two-person teams signed on in March, but only 16 weighed in at the end. We can do better.
This health challenge has been a game-changer for many participants over the past six years. Since the debut contest in 2009, an estimated 4,000 pounds have been lost by area folks who decided they wanted to feel better and make their personal health a higher priority. That’s a tremendous success in our book.
We are excited to be part of that process and hope this year’s competition will again provide the spark some may need to get up off the couch and focus on diet and exercise goals that will become part of a consistent lifestyle. Those who have been able to make those changes say it has changed their lives for the better, and not just by helping them lose weight. Healthy habits, which include eating a balanced diet and getting regular exercise of some form, increases energy and improves a person’s outlook on life.
Who doesn’t need or want more energy?
If losing weight and feeling better is among your priorities for the new year, we invite you to put March 16th and 18th on your calendar for the health challenge weigh-ins. Stay tuned for more contest details.
Kurt Johnson

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