Beginning new year with no regrets on 2014

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Many of us looked back on 2014 and cited accomplishments and others took a viewpoint of regrets we had about 2014. I catch myself regretting things that I did, or didn’t do. New Year resolutions are one of those lists I fail to follow too closely. In fact, I don’t even make serious resolutions anymore.
However, there’s a good piece of advice I am going to try to follow, or at least consider in 2015. It came from a man named “Ben Holden.” Now I don’t know Ben, but his advice I feel is worth repeating. His advice was made several years ago when Ben said:
“I’ve decided I’m not going to focus on regrets I might have while looking back to the past year.
While I could have been smarter about some things, used better judgment when making certain decisions or maybe even taken advantage of opportunities that would have taken my life in a different direction, I refuse to let those issues have a negative impact on my life.
Instead, I’m going to focus on those things I don’t regret.
. . . like having good friends whose kindness I receive in a return for my friendship.
. . . like having loyal family members who love me for what and who I am.
. . . like having a way to earn a living, albeit a humble one.
. . . like having my health even though I feel myself slowing down a bit every day.
. . . like having my faith which gets me through tough situations in life which seem unbearable.
. . . like being able to enjoy the smell of fresh air, the taste of good food and the sight of stars, leaves, and my grandkids.
. . . like knowing that I’ve done the best I could.
Now, don’t waste your time regretting what happened in the past year. There’s lots of life yet to be lived – with no regrets.”
I must admit, all of Ben’s resolutions won’t be easy to follow, but if we could, there would be no such things as ulcers and apprehension. Now I’m hopeful Ben might come up with sound advice for us not to worry about the future.
Experience teaches you to recognize a mistake when you’ve made it again.
RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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