Looking forward to new year, despite ‘special offer’

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The end is near!
Yes, I know the end is near. The year 2014 is about to end and if we can last a few more days, we’ll be able to greet 2015. But, yesterday’s mail cast a doubt on my hopes to make it to 2015, or through the upcoming year.
As usual a letter will get your  interest when it is stamped, “Attention: Ronald Furse.” My attention was drawn a step further when I’m told that I may qualify for the Funeral Advantage Program.
Wait a minute! I’m feeling fine and really not interested in a program that will pay me up to $20,000 tax free as well as pay for my funeral expenses when putting me in the ground.
I was feeling fine and looking forward to the year 2015 and quite satisfied because I had survived 2014 with only a few nicks and scratches. Worst of all was the statement from the company that I already had been accepted by the program.
I knew as I aged over the years I had maintained a decent weight, saw my blood pressure creep up a little, and was told I had the start of cataracts and couldn’t hear very well. But, I felt I wasn’t ready to have sod thrown in my face and planted six feet under.
I just decided to put this “planting plan” off a while. According to the letter, I’m not going to join the thousands of Nebraska residents ages 50-85 who have been accepted so far for the program. I’ve always hated waiting in line and this offer is no exception.
Before you think I’m a bit morbid, let me point out that 2014 is about to end and I can rejoice I made it to see the start of 2015. While 2014 had a few personal bumps thrown into the 12 months, I. managed to survive in pretty good shape and even go into 2015 with a ray of optimism.
Just as I thought email cannot be expanded, NASA has sent 3D printing plans for a socket wrench to the astronauts in the space capsule. I figure in 2015 we’ll be able to spread texting to the moon and beyond. Thus the warning, “Don’t text and drive” will have to be changed to something cautioning, “Don’t text while orbiting.”
Husker football is bound to get better in 2015 – maybe not in the won and loss record, but at least coach sideline antics and coach chatter can be rated PG.
On a serious note, our community as a whole had a pretty good year of growth and prosperity. There have been changes along the way. Some businesses have closed. New businesses have opened. New faces appear and others have moved on. However with many changes, the community continues to remain vibrant. We are indeed fortunate to live where we live and have the neighbors we have. We’re poised to make the year 2015 a good one. Let’s do it and a Happy New Year to all!
RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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