Ties that bind

Our hearts are full this holiday season as we pause and reflect during a most sacred season of the year.
It’s Christmas, a time to celebrate the greatest gift of all, the one we received so very long ago with the birth of the Christ child. We celebrate that gift of life and hope with a heartfelt prayer.
Amidst all the holiday cheer, gift exchanges and special gatherings, we hope there is time in all of our busy lives to focus on the true Christmas message. There is time, of course, if we choose to make it.
Christmas is such a remarkable day, when you stop to think about it.
No longer just a Christian day of celebration, Christmas and its themes of peace and goodwill toward men have crossed all religious boundaries. Those who profess a wide variety of religious beliefs, and even those who do not believe in a higher power, have come to celebrate Christmas in some form or fashion.
So often in today’s world, we focus on our differences. This is a day, perhaps more than any other, that mankind focuses more on its common bonds.
It’s a day that brings families, friends and even strangers together in a spirit of peace, if only for a short period of time. It also is a day of sadness, especially for those who feel alone. Those folks deserve to know that they are not alone, not at Christmas, or for that matter at any time of year.
Christmas has the unique power to make people think about one another, even those outside their normal circle of influence. There is a spirit in all of us that is magnified by this one special day, which in and of itself is pretty incredible.
What a precious gift of perspective we’ve been given.
Merry Christmas, one and all!
Kurt Johnson

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