Christmas wish lists

Ho! Ho! Ho! It’s nearly Christmas!
We hope all you nice (and naughty) Husker fans have a very Merry Christmas, and that your red stockings will be full of goodies and special Big Red presents tomorrow morning.
As for me, I think I’ve had my fill, thank you very much. A new football coach in Lincoln and all the recent drama is just a little more than even I can handle.
Anyway, I’ve made my list, I’ve checked it twice, so now it’s time for this Santa to start handing out extra special gifts for 2014:
To Tim Miles, a rematch with Creighton in the NCAA Tournament, and no more games versus Incarnate Word. Seriously.
To Jamal Turner, a full recovery and an All-Big Ten senior season.
To Michael Rose, a full recovery and an All-Big Ten sophomore season.
To the Kansas City Royals, two more runs in game seven.
To Tommy Armstrong and the rest of the quarterbacks, a cliff notes version of Mike Riley’s playbook.
To Johnny Stanton, patience.
To the University of UConn’s basketball teams, a sturdier trophy shelf.
To Madison Bumgarner, a bigger trophy shelf.
To Derek Jeter, a comfortable, padded rocking chair.
To Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson, a lifetime supply of anger management classes.
To Bo Pelini, a lifetime supply of public relations classes and some sophisticated anti-spy software.
To Aaron Rodgers, more “ up” commercials with Franz and Hans. Jolly good stuff.
To Jack Hoffman and all the other little kids like him, a clean bill of health.
To Kobe Bryant, a good team.
To the Dallas Cowboys, a playoff win.
To the USC football team, a huge dose of overconfidence.
To Ameer Abdullah, a first-round draft selection.
To Kenny Bell, an “I beat Iowa in overtime” t-shirt.
To John Cook, a “Wait’ll Next Year” t-shirt.
To Shawn Eichorst, a successful first season for Mike Riley.
To Randy Gregory, one more year in Lincoln. (Hey, Santa can dream, can’t he?)
To Coni Yori, healthy players.
To Brady Hoke, the phone number of Two Men and a Truck.
To Benny Parker, one foot taller.
To Johnny Manziel, a lifetime supply of Snickers.
To Jameis Winston, a lifetime supply of maturity.
To Baylor and TCU, a conference championship game.
To the San Antonio Spurs, special senior citizen discounts.
To son-in-law Brandon’s Arizona Cardinals, a healthy #1 quarterback.
To daughter-in-law Mikala, a huge UCLA win over Bill Snyder’s ‘Cats in San Antonio.
To son Aaron, a return to the glory days for Husker football.
To daughter Jordan, a second straight Super Bowl win for Russell Wilson. Yeah, you’re welcome.
To wife Cindy, front row season tickets to Husker volleyball.
To Peyton Manning, a complimentary shipment of “Omaha” Steaks.
To Jack Gangwish, a sincere letter of apology to PETA.
And finally to new Husker Coach Mike Riley...brand new Husker apparel from head to toe, a map of Lincoln, a map of Nebraska and a top 25 recruiting class in February.
Merry Christmas!

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