Drink your milk, or not

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I assume nearly everyone wishes he could go back to his childhood years if it was only for just a minute or two. That wish crossed my mind after I read where researchers have cast doubt on needing that extra glass of milk.
A new report basically came to the assumption that if you are drinking milk to prevent bone fractures and to boost your overall health you may be gulping from the wrong glass. After tracking more than 100,000 Swedish men and women for up to 23 years, the report’s authors saw no link between milk consumption and fracture risk.
During my younger years it was pretty much a daily one-way conversation at breakfast, dinner and supper when my mom would address me, “Drink the rest of your milk before leaving the table.”
Oh, how I wish I could look at my mom today and say, “See Mom, all that milk drinking was not really needed!” Of course even if I could come face-to-face with my mom today I would never have the courage to tell her she was wrong.
Actually, I didn’t really mind drinking milk. The way I figure, I must have consumed about 9,000 glasses of milk during my “growing years.” But, I always had the habit of leaving just a small swallow in my glass and that seemed to irritate my conservative mom. I was always told that milk glass must be empty before I left the table because that dairy cow worked hard to help me grow and get strong bones.
I am sure that today my mom would try to prove those researchers and their statistics wrong. She would immediately point out that her son never suffered from a broken bone until he was an adult and lived away from home. Then she might have reinforced her argument that the reason he had his first broken bone in his early 60s is because he was clumsy and fell. She would also point out that Swedish research study participants were of European descent and the findings might not apply to other people.
Currently I’m not much of a milk drinker. I got away from the brew when my betterhalf insisted skim milk was better for me. “Lowers the cholesterol,” she said.
In my estimation skim milk is like drinking dishwater and anything that barely tints a glass white can’t pack too many good healthy ingredients in it. I am sure in a few more years another group of researchers will come up finding skim milk has no real health value and society will again become the victim of  another marketing ploy.
In the meantime, my reduction of milk consumption should not worry the dairy industry. That industry can relax  . . . I’ve substituted ice cream in place of a glass of milk.
When we talk about growth in Aurora we cannot help but notice a segment of our community that apparently has expanded significantly. A bumper crop of squirrels has arrived this fall. It is evident in our yard where at least four squirrels gather around the old oak tree nearly every day. Of course that growth of squirrel population can drop in a hurry during the acorn harvest time when those little critters forget to look both ways before crossing the street.
National election is over and I must  agree with one observer who said it was not an election vote, but a rejection vote.
RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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